Shade Cloth Printing

Printed shade cloth is a cost-effective and high impact product that provides great results for projects and is a practical advertising tool in the harsh Australian conditions.

Printing your brand name and logo on shade cloth can be a highly effective, dual purpose, advertising tool. It is a popular method of construction site and scaffold branding. It is also great for music festivals, sporting events, retail sites, community & school projects and large-scale events of all types. It is not only a clever way to increase exposure of your business, it also provides screening, crowd control, protection from the elements and ensures your worksite and scaffold looks great and is safe.

The printing options allow for your business logo, various fonts and colour schemes to enhance visibility and appeal. Designs can be individualised with company branding, key messaging, contact information, or anything else you can imagine.

Combining strength and durability, printed shade cloth allows for large wind loads to pass through with ease. Additionally, shade cloth can be used to control dust and soil erosion, making it an ideal product for building sites. Its permeable nature lets light pass through and is a low risk load on the structure it is attached to. We are proud to say Mixed Ink’s shade cloth meets all of the Australian building standards.

All our shade cloth is made from knitted monofilament, high-density polyethylene and printed with UV stabilised inks for non-fade printing. Alternatively, we offer a wide range of plain shade cloth as a low-cost option. We are also able to provide flame retardant shade cloth on request.

Shade cloth comes in rolls of 50 metres and is available at either 1.6m or 1.83m high. Our shade cloth comes hemmed and with reinforced button-style eyelets on top/bottom edges for easy installation on fencing, scaffolding any or structure.

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